About Me


My name is Zoë Simpson and I am a mass communications student at Texas State University. I am specifying in public relations and minoring in chemistry. I will be interning at Mood Media this summer in Austin, TX, which is a company that specializes in music licensing.

I am obviously passionate about health, but wasn’t always. My brother-in-law was actually the one to inspire my life change when he talked me into doing a colon cleanse and a liver cleanse by Global Healing Center. He works there for Dr. Group in Houston and is constantly learning more about health advances, which is so incredibly interesting. After the cleanse, I felt amazing and knew I had to continue to educate myself on nutrition and make it a permanent change in my life.

Since then I have implemented juicing, plenty of fruits and vegetables, and pescatarianism into my diet. I believe moderation in everything including moderation. So I have had meat other than fish a total of three times in the last 8 months. I believe you’ve got to commit; however, you also need to relax occasionally and enjoy life!


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