This blogging experience has been both frustrating and a learning experience. I am really bad at keeping up with things daily, and even a few posts a week was difficult for me, but it was definitely good for me to have more frequent deadlines.

The video making was great, and I felt we had ample amount of time to learn how to properly edit. I learned your video is only as good as the audio so in the future I will be investing in a microphone to help with that. I also will save it in a higher resolution.

The writing was the best part of the experience. It helps to get used to writing in the blog form. It’s hard at first, but the more you do it the easier and more naturally it happens. I also feel that it’s a great piece to add to my “portfolio” so I will be cleaning it up and adding to it as much as I can make myself to use as a resource for myself. This I feel will be a great thing to show future employers to represent my skills in this area and hopefully be able to do for a company in the future. Thank you, Professor Zmikly!