My name is Zoë and I am passionate about health.
Health to me encompasses all forms: physical, mental, spiritual, and even social.

Health in America has been on a serious decline over the past century and this is mostly due to poor diet. Thisamazes me because it shouldn’t be something that you have to work for. The earth produces foods that give us the best nourishment possible. The sun, the moon, the earth, and water together make everything we need. Then why is diet such a struggle?

Primarily, I’d say bad habits die hard. Unfortunately most people were fed processed foods and GMO/pesticide infested foods from the time they stopped nursing. If you don’t already know the dangers of these substances or the benefits of others, this blog is for you. The basics of health are to come! Disease is hard, but health should be easy!

Shape magazine has a great article you can read for a sneak peak of future topics I’ll discuss here!